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               "Ancient Eruption Marks Today's Tortoises"


               "Video: Blue Whale Sampling in the Maldives" 
                                    (Channel 9 "60 minutes")

               "Seahorses 'Stood Up' 25 Million Years ago"

               "A New Dolphin Species"
               "Did Galápagos Tortoises Survive Ancient Blast?"

               "Genetic Tests Reveal New Shark Species"

               "Volcanic Explosion Recorded in DNA"

              "Why Male Dolphins Like to Roam"


              "At Last, Hope for Lonesome George"

               "Captive Breeding to Fight Murray-Darling Fish Losses"

               "A Volcanic Discovery on Tortoises"

              "Molecular View Reassesses Species"

               "Seahorses' Evolutionary Tall Order"

               "DNA Markers Used to Track Shark Populations"

               "A Genetic Lift Puts Perch Back in the Swim"


              "Gene Plan to Bring Tortoise Back to Life"

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